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Winter Weather Dining Update

Dining location hours updated for 3/6-3/8 
Click the image to see what locations will be open while the university is closed for winter weather. Some locations may have special hours.

Dietitian's Pick

Our registered dietitian nutritionist, Lauren McKnight-Ford, RDN, LD has chosen some of the most healthy and nutritious items in a few of UK Dining's restaurants. Please follow the link below to see some of her choices. Have nutrition questions? You can always contact Lauren at lauren.mcknight-ford@uky.edu.

Your Kitchen is Here

We believe community happens around the kitchen table. Blazer and Commons
are here to be that kitchen for you. Share your stories with us #mybigkitchen.

Kentucky Proud

As a land grant university, buying local & supporting farmers is not just important, it's who we are. It's our promise. As the growing season in Kentucky changes so does our menu, allowing us to bring you the best of what's local and fresh. See blue. Eat green.

Choose My Plate

into a Healthy Lifestyle’ during National Nutrition Month®.

Special Weather Update (3/5, 9pm)

Ovid's – 10am-10pm*
Ovid’s Starbuck’s – 10am-10pm*
K-Lair – 11am-10pm
*Note: Ovid's and Ovid's Starbucks may close before 10pm if the library closes early.

Blazer – 7am-8pm
Commons – 7am-8pm
Commons Starbucks – 10am-8pm
Commons Pantry – 10am-8pm
Ovid's – 10am-8pm
Ovid’s Starbucks – 10am-8pm
Subway, Student Center – 11am-3pm
K-Lair – 11am-10pm
KY Clinic Starbucks – 6:30am-5pm

Starbucks SC – 8am - 3pm
Wildcat Pantry SC – 9am - 3pm
Blazer – 10am - 8pm
Commons – 10am - 8pm
Commons Starbucks – 10am - 6pm
Commons Pantry – 10am - 8pm
Chick-fil-A, SC – 11am - 3pm
Ovid’s Starbucks – 11am - 6pm
Ovid’s – 11am - 8pm
K-Lair – 5pm - 10pm

Blazer – 10am - 8pm
Commons – 10am - 8pm
Commons Starbucks – 10am - 8pm
Commons Pantry – 10am - 8pm
Ovid’s Starbucks – 11am - 1am
Ovid’s – 11am - 8pm
Subway, SC – 12pm - 4pm
Wildcat Pantry SC – 12pm - 4pm
Starbucks SC – 12pm - 7pm
K-Lair – 5pm - 12am
Dining on campus is a quintessential part of the university experience. At UK Dining, we believe cravings should be fulfilled with delicious, authentic food that has been grown responsibly, cared for and made with heart. We believe preparing and enjoying healthy food is a way of life and goes beyond calorie counting. Energy and passion are equally important parts of your meal. Come join us!

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We’ve heard your questions about some of the new guidelines for using your meal plan. You can find correct information here. Other information about our meal plans can be found here.

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More FAQs

UK Dining offers a variety of plans to accommodate different schedules and eating habits. We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality food, a variety of menu items, and excellent service. Whether you just need a between-class snack or a full-course meal, it’s covered with your meal plan! Living on campus and need to make changes to your meal plan? 

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