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Welcome to Kentucky!

The fall is beautiful at the University of Kentucky. While you're on campus, step in to one of our 26 dining locations, sit down, relax and grab a bite to eat. We hope it feels like home. See blue. See Southern hospitality.

Kentucky Proud

As a land grant university, buying local & supporting farmers is not just important, it's who we are. It's our promise. As the growing season in Kentucky changes so does our menu, allowing us to bring you the best of what's local and fresh. See blue. Eat green.

Be a Part of Campus Life

A Meal Plan is your ticket to the college experience. Try new food, meet new people, and never eat alone. Get access to the one place on campus where everyone has something in common. Food!

Look for the Leaf

With life moving a mile a minute, being able to find good food that’s good for you is more important than ever. That’s why we created our Just4U nutrition highlights program. It’s simple. To FIND THE FOOD THAT FITS YOUR LIFE®, just look for the leaf. Brightly colored leaf shaped messages make better-for-you choices easy to find. Visit the Nutrition Highlights page for more information.

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Love Food

Dining on campus is a quintessential part of the university experience. At UK Dining, we believe cravings should be fulfilled with delicious, authentic food that has been grown responsibly, cared for and made with heart. We believe preparing and enjoying healthy food is a way of life and goes beyond calorie counting. Energy and passion are equally important parts of your meal. Come join us!

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Eating Made Easy
Eating Made Easy

Eating Made Easy

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UK Dining offers a variety of plans to accommodate different schedules and eating habits. We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality food, a variety of menu items, and excellent service. Whether you just need a between-class snack or a full-course meal, it’s covered with your meal plan! Living on campus and need to make changes to your meal plan? 

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UK Dining partners with local farmers and food producers to provide our campus restaurants with locally produced Kentucky Proud® products whenever possible. Fresh Kentucky products can be found all over campus in our restaurants and convenience stores.

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